Popular Whole Cake Flavours

Suitable for any occasion and available in a variety of sizes, Cavalcade Desserts supply whole cakes regularly to cafes and businesses as well as one-off orders for birthday and special occasions. Most cakes are available gluten or dairy free. Please contact Nadia for vegan options. These are a variety of popular whole cake flavours, and special requests are welcome.


Angel food cake with Italian meringue (GFO / DFO)

Vanilla chiffon (GFO / DFO)

Citrus Italian cake (GFO / DFO)

Carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream (GFO)

Pear cake with caramel buttercream

Lime and coconut cake (GFO / DFO)

Raspberry coconut cake (GFO)

Ginger molasses cake (DFO)

Prosecco lemon meringue cake (GFO / DFO)

Espresso pecan cake (GFO)

Chocolate coconut macaroon layer cake with ganache (GFO / DFO)

Yolk sponge with chocolate frosting

Chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream (GFO)

Creme friache chocolate fudge cake with chocolate frosting (GFO)